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2022 Lincoln Navigator in Mesa

“Experience the epitome of refined power.” —

  • Twin-Turbocharged 3.5L V6 Engine
  • Lincoln Co-Pilot360 2.0
  • SYNC® 4
  • Hands-free liftgate
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  • Navigator Standard

    Navigator Standard

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    Navigator Reserve

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    Navigator Reserve L

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    Navigator Black Label

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    Navigator Black Label L

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2022 Lincoln Navigator performance


Grounding power and smooth performance. The Navigator large luxury SUV features Adaptive Suspension with Road Preview, which works with a front camera to evaluate and monitor the road ahead. When an upcoming bump in the road is detected, the system will prepare the suspension to help lessen the impact on both the vehicle and your comfort.

2022 Lincoln Navigator performance


The 10-speed transmission in the Lincoln Navigator helps to balance power with comfort. With 10 shift points, the engine can operate in its sweet spot and avoid the highs and lows associated with fewer gears.

2022 Lincoln Navigator performance


Capable of producing 440 horsepower* and 510 lb.-ft. of torque,* the twin-turbocharged 3.5L engine in the Lincoln Navigator is a true powerhouse. With smooth and controlled power, it performs in a way that matches both your mood and the road. Additionally, this vehicle features five standard, selectable Lincoln Drive Modes, as well as a sixth, the available Slow Climb.

2022 Lincoln Navigator performance


Whether on the road or off, available four-wheel drive capability helps smooth your journey. The 4x4 configuration deftly applies the twin-turbocharged engine’s 440 horsepower* and 510 lb.-ft. of torque,* making rugged driving conditions easily traversed. Plus, by adding available Hill Descent Control, trying situations can be easily overcome.

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2022 Lincoln Navigator appearance


Dimensional form and fluid functionality. Standard adaptive pixel projector headlamps feature Speed Dependent Lighting that provides additional illumination as needed with changing driving situations. The system propels light farther into the distance at highway speeds and creates a wider beam of light at slower speeds.

2022 Lincoln Navigator appearance


The coast-to-coast rear design of the Lincoln Navigator is elevated with brilliant lighting, soothing lines and grounding energy. The commanding stance of the vehicle is anchored with a sleek rear design that achieves harmonious balance. Reenvisioned 3D taillamps wrap the tailgate in a warm glow, with a new Lincoln Embrace lighting sequence that bursts from the center like a brilliant sun and spreads its rays across the horizon.

2022 Lincoln Navigator appearance


A step up in stepping in. Power-deployable running boards extend and available illumination greets you as you approach — helping to lead the way and to assist you as you enter and exit the vehicle. In sync with the Lincoln logo welcome mat, this small design cue gives you the feeling of a high-profile arrival.

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2022 Lincoln Navigator comfort


From the moment you approach, your vehicle guides the way. When your key fob is within a detectable range, autofold sideview mirrors project a signature Lincoln logo welcome mat on the ground below the front doors, door handles glow and front and rear running lamps illuminate in a thoughtfully timed sequence.

2022 Lincoln Navigator comfort


Revitalizing comfort that conforms to your body. These heated and ventilated seats offer Active Motion® massage settings for therapeutic relief. Additionally, available Perfect Position 30-way front seats allow you to find your preferred support for your form.

2022 Lincoln Navigator comfort


Link your media. With Lincoln+Alexa,* Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto compatibility, you can connect your smart devices to the vehicle interface and bring your apps and content on the road.

2022 Lincoln Navigator comfort


Every surface, space and accessory inside the Lincoln Navigator has been optimized to deliver an immense level of comfort. The available rear digital display let’s second-row passengers control seating settings, including heating, ventilation and massage. With tri-zone climate control, second-row passengers can also adjust a variety of conditions for the rear cabin. Additionally, you can customize your second-row experience by selecting between a center console, passthrough or bench seat design.

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6-year/70,000-mile powertrain warranty

Bumper to Bumper: 4 years / 50,000 miles Powertrain: 6 years / 70,000 miles Safety Restraint System: 5 years / 60,000 miles Corrosion (Perforation only): 5 years / Unlimited miles Hybrid Unique Component: 8 years / 100,000 miles Roadside Assistance Program: 6 years / 70,000 miles
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2022 Lincoln Navigator safety


Intersection Assist uses a camera mounted behind the windshield’s rearview mirror to monitor road lane markings and detect oncoming traffic when making a left turn at an intersection. If the camera detects a vehicle approaching, it will prevent you from making the left turn in order to help prevent a potential collision.

2022 Lincoln Navigator safety


An expansive view. The 360-Degree Camera gives you a bird’s-eye view of your surroundings. A host of cameras that surround the Navigator SUV provide a variety of perspectives that are stitched together to create a seamless display — giving you clarity and peace of mind.

2022 Lincoln Navigator safety


Available Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control* with Stop-and-Go capability makes your drive even more effortless. When the Navigator is in adaptive cruise mode, radar scans the road ahead and detects if you are approaching slower traffic. The system can automatically brake and accelerate to keep you at your set speed or follow with the pace of traffic when speeds are below your set speed. With the addition of Stop-and-Go,** the feature can bring your vehicle to a complete stop in congested traffic and resume driving as traffic begins to move.

2022 Lincoln Navigator safety


The available head-up display helps to prove that what lies ahead is just as important as what is happening now. The system helps to create a custom driving experience by letting drivers choose what data to display, from standard driving information to available Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control settings, Lane-Keeping System information and more. Digital light projection technology allows the display to be visible in different ambient lighting conditions.

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