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2019 Lincoln Navigator in Mesa

“Distinct power and presence.” —

  • 10-Speed SelectShift® Automatic Transmission
  • Twin-Turbocharged 3.5L Engine
  • Enhanced Active Park Assist
  • Lane-Keeping System
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    Navigator Standard

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    Navigator Black Label

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2019 Lincoln Navigator performance

10-Speed SelectShift® Automatic Transmission

The 10-speed transmission in the Lincoln Navigator helps to balance efficiency with performance. With 10 independent shift points, the engine can operate in its sweet spot and avoid the highs and lows associated with fewer gears.

2019 Lincoln Navigator performance

Twin-Turbocharged 3.5L Engine

Capable of producing 450 horsepower* and 510 lb.-ft. of torque,* the Twin-Turbocharged 3.5L engine in the Navigator is a true powerhouse. When paired with six selectable Lincoln Drive Modes, from Conserve to Excite, the Lincoln Navigator performs in a way that matches both your mood and the road.

2019 Lincoln Navigator performance

Adaptive Suspension

Road conditions vary and, for smooth and confident driving, your suspension should too. The available adaptive suspension controls the up-and-down movement of the wheels when driving on uneven surfaces and over potholes. This system, controlled by the six selectable Lincoln Drive Modes, helps decrease the stress of harsh outside driving situations without compromising the comfort within.

2019 Lincoln Navigator performance

Four-Wheel Drive

Whether it's on the road or off, available 4x4 capability offers true mastery of your journey. The Navigator’s 4x4 powertrain unlocks and deftly applies the Twin-Turbocharged engine’s 450 horsepower* and 510 lb.-ft. of torque,* making rugged driving conditions easily traversed. Plus, by adding available Hill Descent Control™ and tow hooks, trying situations will be easily overcome.

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2019 Lincoln Navigator appearance

Approach Detection

From the moment you approach, the Lincoln Navigator guides the way. When your key fob is within a detectable range, autofold side mirrors project a signature Lincoln logo welcome mat on the ground below the doors, door handle areas glow, and front and rear running lamps illuminate in a thoughtfully timed sequence.

2019 Lincoln Navigator appearance

Automatic Power-Folding Mirrors

With automatic power-folding mirrors, your Navigator can help prevent accidental nicks and dings. When you enter the vehicle, close the doors and start the ignition, the side mirrors automatically fold out. As you exit and lock the doors, the mirrors return to their folded-in position.

2019 Lincoln Navigator appearance

Lincoln Black Label

Elevate your Lincoln experience. Featuring a curated collection of interior designer themes—meticulously brought to life in high-end materials—and a host of membership privileges, Lincoln Black Label not only engages the senses and imagination, but also represents the ultimate in Lincoln luxury, comfort and service. The Lincoln Black Label experience extends to a number of exclusive benefits,* including premium maintenance service with pickup and delivery, complimentary anytime car washes and annual detailing, along with access to the exclusive Culinary Collection—an expertly selected list of notable restaurants providing at-your-service dining.

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2019 Lincoln Navigator comfort

Second- and Third-Row Comfort

Every surface, space and accessory inside the Lincoln Navigator has been optimized to deliver an immense level of comfort, not to mention best-in-class* second-row leg room when the second row is in its full rearward position. One-touch tilt-and-slide PowerFold® second-row seats and a power-reclining PowerFold third row offer an enjoyable level of comfort and space for all.

2019 Lincoln Navigator comfort

Flexible Cargo Room

With PowerFold® second- and third-row seats, making the most of the available cargo space in the Lincoln Navigator is as simple as pressing a button. Plus, with an available Tiered Cargo Management System, the cargo room* inside the Navigator becomes highly functional.

2019 Lincoln Navigator comfort

Perfect Position Seats

The available Perfect Position Seat with Active Motion® massage puts you in control of your own comfort. With its wide range of movement, 11 independent air cushions, heating, ventilation for cooling and independent thigh extenders, you can easily make adjustments for a seat that is both relaxing and rejuvenating.

2019 Lincoln Navigator comfort

Wireless Charging and Power Ports

Charging your phone is now as simple as setting it down. Inside the center front console media bin is a wireless charger that charges compatible phones. * Plus, with six fast-charging USB ports, four 12-volt ports and a 110-volt outlet, all three rows of seating have easy access to power wherever it’s needed.

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6-year/70,000-mile powertrain warranty

Bumper to Bumper: 4 years / 50,000 miles Powertrain: 6 years / 70,000 miles Safety Restraint System: 5 years / 60,000 miles Corrosion (Perforation only): 5 years / Unlimited miles Roadside Assistance Program: 6 years / 70,000 miles
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2019 Lincoln Navigator safety

Enhanced Active Park Assist

Parallel and perpendicular parking the Lincoln Navigator requires less effort and strain thanks to available enhanced active park assist. Ultrasonic sensors can locate an available spot and, while you control the shifter buttons, brake and accelerator, the vehicle steers itself into place. Plus, with class-exclusive* enhanced active park out assist, the same technology that helped guide you in helps make getting out just as effortless.

2019 Lincoln Navigator safety

Lane-Keeping System

The available Lane-Keeping System* uses a camera mounted behind the windshield’s rearview mirror to monitor road lane markings and detect unintentional drifting toward the outside of a lane. If the camera detects an impending drift, the system will use the steering system and the instrument cluster display to alert and/or aid you to stay in your lane.

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